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why charisma at work is so important

A fundamental skill at work, especially for those who carry out a managerial function is the Charisma, one of the most coveted, fascinating, and controversial qualities, strictly connected to leadership.

Some define charisma as the “ability to exercise, thanks to intellectual gifts or personal charm, a strong influence on others and to assume the role of a guide”.

From Steve Jobs to Bill Gates, to Coco Chanel, all the great leaders in history have been labeled as charismatic. Charismatic people are self-confident, skilled communicators, fascinating, almost “magnetic”. They easily become role models and attract others like magnets. This explains why charisma at work is so important.

Charisma can be developed, cultivated, and kept in training. Several studies and scientific experiments have managed to teach groups of managers to be more charismatic at work.

Let us find out together what are the areas to work on to increase your charisma at work.

1. Self-Esteem
Charismatic people have good self-esteem and do not need the approval of others. To be a charismatic leader, it is essential to start working on yourself

2. Action
Charismatic people, instead of being blocked by doubts and fears, act and open the way to new possibilities, taking charge of any failures. At work, therefore, strive to be proactive, seek solutions, and never give up in the face of difficulties.

3. Emotional intelligence 
There is a strong connection between emotional intelligence and charisma. Charismatic people, in fact, not only know their emotions well, their strengths and weaknesses, but they are also able to control those of others. With their ability to self-control, they can transmit the tranquility that the people around them need.

4. Passion and enthusiasm
Unlike a boss who just commands, the charismatic leader involves his collaborators, transmits his passion to them. Focus your ideas well and learn to communicate them with the right emotional charge: your enthusiasm will be contagious, persuasive, and will remove the fears of others.

5. Body language
We are well aware of the importance of body language: with our gestures and postures, we give messages that are often clearer than our speeches. Charismatic people look their interlocutors in the eye, have a firm but never arrogant posture, are sure of their movements. Learn to maintain eye contact and a straight posture, fearlessly occupy your space, do not cross your arms but use them to gesticulate fluidly, to convey your message with more energy.

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