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The fifth station in the Covid 19’s journey

The epidemic started in late January – Early Feb2020.

Now we are in Mid May 2020

The whole world is having its ears to the ground waiting for the announcement to find a vaccination as people believe that only the vaccination will help return lives to normal and help remove all the limitations imposed by the coronavirus epidemic outbreak.

The Good news is, though the vaccination may take longer to develop, there is a new positive development where it is expected that within a month or two, tests will be introduced through which people will be able to attend meetings in person after a test result allows them to do so.

A big debate is going on now: why China has been quicker than Europe and the United States in taking a decision and acting quicker in the face of the outbreak of the Coronavirus?

Some would say that the explanation lies in the difference between the Orwellian and the liberal state.

It is clear now that big crowds are the best environment for the Corona virus to spread. The best place to be is in the open air/open space areas where there is much less Corona viruses.

There is more need to invest in the Internet and Telecommunication because of a huge increase in demand.

The world will be more virtual. Many things which we do in person will become virtual.

One more thing; China has developed a list of priorities to work on, these include,  working on fast trains, on the internet, on science, on universities, on biology, on industries, on artificial intelligence, on quantum computing, on aerospace, and on telecommunications.

They defined these as sources of strategic power.

Many people wonder if the West has prepared such a list of priorities.

All this comes under the realm of innovation.

You, as a business owner, must work on having such a list of key issues that you need to address in the post-COVID 19 world.

You, as a business owner, need to innovate.

You do not have to be a scientist to become an innovator.

To make a procedure shorter and more productive is also an innovation.

Your list may include being nearer to your customers, more than you were before COVID 19 outbreak.

Or finding what procedures and methods you must put in use to solidify your business. or how your employees will distribute on your digitalization map.

Science will be geared toward doing such health tests and similar medical procedures through the internet.

One thing, if this coronavirus epidemic has done, is to push Digitalization so fast, making it impossible for people not to run to catch the digitization train that is running so fast.

Now that we are in the fifth station in the Corona Journey, I wonder how many more stations we will have in our corona life Journey.

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