All our Surveys are provided online. Surveys are methods to collect information. One reason we resort to surveys is to find out the reason behind a certain issue, a problem or phenomenon.

We can also find out what motivates respondents and what is important to them, and gather meaningful opinions, comments, and feedback.

A company for example that wants to find out the motivation levels of their staff or what factors are considered important to their staff, would also resort to surveys. Some employees prefer training, some others prefer compensation over training. Other employees prefer flextime and so on.

Surveys Questionnaire

Some other companies, for example, need to know what makes their staff leave their organizations. Other companies find their sales figures dropping or they see their customers leaving. All these situations require further investigation which can be done through surveys.

Gudra conducts suitable survey services and uses the best technology when conducting its surveys. Results are ready in almost a few hours after the survey is filled and completed.

Our survey questionnaires are written by an expert and all have been tested. These questionnaires are bias-free.

We conduct many types of surveys such as employee’s surveys,  employee satisfaction surveys, Engagement surveys, Customers Surveys, Market Surveys, Salary surveys …etc. To get a list of all the surveys we do, please drop us an email and we will send you the full list. Our survey questions are professionally designed and checked.

Most of our surveys are done online. The results and findings are sent back with detailed reports including a full analysis of the results.