Covid 19 virus impact

Effects of Corona Virus on businesses

The corona crisis with its huge impact on the whole world is going to leave effects,on alarge scale, on the world economies, on the job market andthe future of all businesses.

The following is reading in the future taking into consideration some lessons learned and noticing some of the effects that started to appear now even before the crisis is over.Taking into consideration some of the facts on the ground,It is very obvious now that a crisis, of this worldwide magnitude, is not going to leave without leaving some huge impact on our social and economic lives.

characteristics of the coronavirus crisis

  • It is a sanitary emergency
  • A strong feeling that this will be the start of the economic recession
  • People are required to stay at home – shutdown
  • Closing of all shops
  •  Travel and Transport stoppage
  • Closing of factories
  • Closing of schools
  • Nobody knows when the crisis is going to end
  • Stoppage of production of merchandise
  • Closing of frontiers
  • Tourism  shutdown
  • People movement is restricted
  • A tendency to spend more on health
  • Uncertainty prevails with its huge economic loss
  • The re-entry in the markets will have its costs and problems
  • A concern that the coronavirus crisis returns in the future?
  • A climate of fear, distrust, and anxiety prevail s
  • The impact on international relations

Negatively Impacted Economicsectors

  • Tourism
  • The exhibitions sector
  • Buying online will push away many shops from the street
  • Less going to restaurants and cafés
  •  Automobile sectors will be impacted
  •  In real estatewhere  Smart working will push demand down
  • Possibly bank loans will be difficult to get
  • Companies with more cash liquidity will be more able to continue their business
  • Recruitment will be affected

Positively impacted

Prepared companies like digitalized companies are going to benefit. The person who sells you fruit near your building will have to install an online order system

  • Young companies
  • Diversified companies
  • Innovative companies
  • Health sectors and health staff pharmacies that sell vaccinations
  • All sectors or businesses that change to digitalization – selling online
  • Social media
  • Digital marketing
  • Training online
  • Studying online
  • Shipping based on online
  • Online books
  • Courses online
  • Remote accounting

Good news

  • E-commerce will shoot up
  • Buying online will be more used
  • Services online will be in place

What advice  to give

  • Do not stick to old ways and old business models. you need to adjust
  • Stay Lucid
  • Keep confidence in yourself
  • Do not overreact
  • Helpeach other
  • Diversify
  • The crisis will pass
  • Q-When the crisis will be over?
  • A-When we become better persons
  • Those who look for new jobs, they need to requalify to be able to move into other new or different work

Professions growing

  • Health professions

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