Recruitment Agencies

Ways How Modern Recruiters Use Technologies for Hiring Proficient Candidates

Technological revolutions have made modern lives more accessible and more simplified practically for people of all industries. In the field of recruitment, the technical impact & data it captures is becoming pronounced relating to enhancing the overall hiring experience for candidates and the HR department that hires the professionals. The current recruitment market has already become candidate […]

The Social progress index - SPI

The Social progress index – SPI

This index was developed as the need intensified to find measures beyond economic indicators. The Social Progress Index is a new way to define the success of our societies. It is a comprehensive measure of the real quality of life, independent of economic indicators. The Social Progress Index is designed to complement, rather than replace, economic measures such as GDP. The SPI[…]

emotionally intelligent

How to become emotionally intelligent

When we talk about intelligence, the first thing we think about is logical and rational intelligence, what we call IQ. But there is also an emotional intelligence that helps us recognize and guide our moods and those of others. This ability is becoming increasingly important in the world of work. In a 2018 survey conducted by the recruiting site Carrier Builder, 71% of HR[…]

leader of the group

why charisma at work is so important

A fundamental skill at work, especially for those who carry out a managerial function is the Charisma, one of the most coveted, fascinating, and controversial qualities, strictly connected to leadership. Some define charisma as the “ability to exercise, thanks to intellectual gifts or personal charm, a strong influence on others and to assume the role of a guide”.[…]

Economic slowdown

The Economic Impact of the Corona Virus Crisis

The impact is huge. Millions and millions of people lost their businesses. The psychological and economic impact of lockdown across the world is incalculable. The impact on future generations, on the students, and youth is something never witnessed before. The loss, besides other unlimited numbers of losses, of human lives is indescribable. Another major impact was on[...]
Covid 19 virus impact

Effects of Corona Virus on businesses

The corona crisis with its huge impact on the whole world is going to leave effects,on alarge scale, on the world economies, on the job market andthe future of all businesses. The following is reading in the future taking into consideration some lessons learned and noticing some of the effects that started to appear now even before[...]