We provide corporate assessment services. As more and more companies are resorting to assessment to safeguard against any error in recruitment and selection. Companies want to make sure that their investment in people is done correctly and that no errors are made. Initially we go with assessment tests some of these, if not, most of these tests, we conduct online.

This online assessment includes a personality assessment. We do employ various assessment tools including assessment centers and assessment development centers. Other assessment methods include job assessment test. The assessment process involves using many exercises to assess the candidate suitability for selection. Our satisfactory employee assessment services help us in employee evaluation for job suitability.

Assessment Process

We provide online and offline employee assessment services at affordable rates.

With the help of assessment tools, we can identify the person’s abilities, aptitude, competencies and personal characteristics and that way we can know if the person has all the elements that meet the job requirements. Assessments differ by nature, there are assessments for employment, other assessments are for learning and education, and there are many other types of assessments.

Also, the assessment of selected staff is used to reduce conflicts in the workplace, Conflict could happen between employees themselves or between an employee and his or her boss. Conflicts can come as a result of differences in attitudes, work styles or natural reflexes.

Assessments are also used to measure the motivation of your staff. Motivation is the driving force behind achieving work objectives. Without motivation, it is very difficult to achieve anything. Companies with demotivated staff can hardly achieve anything. Without motivation employee productivity and employee creativity will suffer.

Motivated, engaged and productive staff will help you achieve your targets and it will help you to be ahead of your competitors. Also, motivation helps increase employees’ efficiency, reduce wastage and enhances the possibilities for the growth of your organization.

Motivation can be measured, and we have several tools to measure how motivated employees are.

For that purpose, we have dedicated consultants who can provide employers with a full assessment of the personality dimension of every individual including his/her motivation and competencies levels.