About Gudra Management Consultancy Iraq

We are a group of professionals with experience in business management and the challenges that it faces in this part of the world (the Regions where we operate are the Middle East, Iraq, and Africa). As an HR management agency, we aim to put our talent and expertise to serve the business owners to help them grow, develop and nurture their businesses.

The name of Gudra is derived from the Arabic word (قدرة) which means ability. This word is in line with our mission to improve the ability of companies to achieve their targets and to drive their business in the most efficient possible manner.

Outsource your HR

  • We can act as your hr department
  • We can provide you with everyday hr services
  • We can write up your personnel policy manual
  • We can do an hr audit for your organization
  • We can provide coaching and counseling to your staff when needed
  • We can provide other hr services such as recruitment and assessment
  • We can help resolve conflicts inside your organization
  • Fees can be agreed after we discuss your hr needs
Professional meeting